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Related article: Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 16:07:31 +1000 From: Rob Newell Subject: AFL Men Part 4Anthony and Sav Rocca had a deep secret. A very deep secret that only a few others knew about. Although they were brothers, they were also secret fuck buddies and when they were playing at Collingwood together, they always fucked in the change rooms after a game- with their captain Nathan (Bucks) Buckley watching on, jacking himself off over the hot sight."Remember that, Sav?" Anthony whispered in Sav's ear, as he rubbed his cock through his white footy shorts."Of course. Remember the time when the whole team watched?""That was a hell of a hot night" Anthony replied huskily.Then, Anthony slowly lowered Sav's shorts to reveal a 10" cut beauty, just like his own. Both had the same length cock and shared an equal passion by sucking or jerking each other off, but especially when they get it up their hot tight arses. They literally had eyes only for each other, well most the time that is.With the shorts down to Sav's ankles, Anthony slowly started to feel Savs cock, rubbing it up and down while slowly licking from his pubes up to his slightly hairy chest and then his left nipple. Slowly licking and biting his left nipple, Anthony then went to work on the right."Fuck Anthony, you still have the touch!" Sav moaned. They hadn't had a hot sex session in a month and Sav had missed it- he had to get his hole filled by fellow Kangaroos player Glenn Archer, although he didn't complain.Anthony then moved slowly up and when he reached Sav's mouth, started passionately swapping saliva with him, tongues meeting tongues and moans filling the room. As it was going on, Sav started feeling his brother's cock through the tenting red Speedos- just the way he liked it!"You can wait right there bro." Anthony said, swatting his brother's hand away from his cock."Why?" Sav asked, leaning on his side on the massive double bed."You haven't told me about you had filled you up since our last fuck.""Damn! I forgot about that. I will tell you, as long as you tell me about who you have had ok?""Fair deal." Anthony replied. "So come on, spill the beans.""Glenn Archer and Mark Ricuito.""What was Archer like?" Anthony said, as he played with his cock in his Speedos."He was amazing. We fucked at least 6 times that night, all over his house, like in the kitchen and the shower, plus once or twice in his swimming pool and another time in his car.""Fuck that sounds hot as.""Yeah, it was. What about you Ant? Who did u fuck?" Sav asked."Michael Voss and Jason Akermanis, at the same time. We had a fucking hot threesome.""How big was Aker?" Sav asked, his cock still hard as a rock."He is 7" cut and he knows how to use it, I tell you that."Sav couldn't take it any more and leant over and kissed his brother as passionately as he could, making Preteen Girl Models them join together as one. Tongues against tongues, cocks rubbing against cocks, they become a single withering person of passion. It was like they had never been apart in their entire life.Sav ripped his brothers Speedos off before shoving his 10" monster right up Anthony's hot arse all at once."Oh Anthony I have missed this" Sav moaned leaning in to kiss his bro. As he did, he moved his cock all the way out, leaving only the tip in before slamming it all back in again."MMMMMMMMMMM" Anthony moaned as he French kissed Sav and took his favourite cock up his arse. No matter who he fucked, he always came back to Sav Preteen Girl Models and enjoyed their sex sessions.As they kissed, Sav slowly began to go in and out of his brother, taking his time feeling his cock being massaged by the hot arse of Anthony. Sav had not yet found a hotter arse then his brothers and even if he did, he would always fuck his brother."I love you so much Tony" Sav said, as he slowly to begin to go faster into the hot hole.Anthony could only moan his response, as Sav began to jack off his cock and nail his arse, the waves of pleasure running widely through his body.As they were on their side, Sav easily jacked off his bro with one hand as well as twisting his nipples and slamming into the hole, at this time he was already going quite fast and he could only get faster before he blew.The room soon fell silent, with only grunts and moans filling the room, as well as the sound of balls hitting against Anthony's arse.The situation was becoming so hot that it wasn't long before Anthony moaned "GOD, I'M GOING TO SHOOT!!!" as the jacking of his cock, pinching of nipples and the hot rough and fast fuck became too much, as he shot his load all over the bed and Sav's hand.This only encouraged Sav to go faster, and after 5 minutes he shot his load.As Anthony leaned back on his back, Sav lifted his legs and tasted his hot cum from his bros arse. He then moved up to Anthony and shared his cum, before collapsing on top of him."God that was hot!" said a voice behind a camera, who pressed stop on the cam."It was wasn't it?" Sav replied, as Michael Voss emerged from the corner of the room.
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